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Sonja Kupka-Wolf, MSc.pharm.

With over 25 years of diverse experience in both small-scale and major Life Sciences companies, Sonja Kupka-Wolf stands out as a distinguished expert in this dynamic field. Her deep-seated insider knowledge positions her uniquely to assist Life Sciences companies navigate through their current structural transitions, transforming them into integrated service providers within the healthcare system. Her specialization in commercial leadership roles is pivotal in guiding companies through digital transformation, particularly focusing on Inbound Marketing to enhance the customer journey across various communication channels.

Sonja Kupka-Wolf skillfully integrates her experiences from Medical Affairs and Commercial Positions across different leadership roles, leveraging her extensive network of experts to tailor solutions to each company's specific needs.


    • Roche
    • Sanofi-Aventis
    • Takeda
    • Abbott
    • Orion Pharma
    • Novartis
    • Pharmaselect
    • Bristol Myers Squibb
    • Amomed Pharma
    • Norgine
    • Mylan - Viatris
    • p95
    • AstraZeneca

    Network Interim Management:

    At PharmaBranding & Beyond, Sonja leads a consortium of seasoned experts in interim management for the Life Science industry, ensuring prompt and proficient coverage in all specialized areas:

    • Strategy
    • Marketing
    • Sales
    • Leadership
    • Business Development
    • Market Access
    • Inlicensing
    • Key Account Management
    • Digital Transformation
    • Event Management
    • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
    • Regulatory Affairs
    • Pharmacovigilance
    • Quality Management
    • GMP Auditing
    • Medical Devices / MDR
    • Reimbursement
    • Coaching and Supervision
    • Business Mediation
    • Team and Organizational Development
    • HR-Outsourcing
    • Employer Branding
    • Merger Integration

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    Petra Buchinger, BSc/MSc

    Is an expert in sales, partnerships, customer and service orientation, offering tailored and flexible solutions for the Life Science industry. She collaborates closely with clients to assess their needs, from consulting and implementation support to operational design, focusing on achieving their goals considering the broader context and all stakeholders involved.

    Petra holds a Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Analytics and a Master of Science in Supervision, Coaching, and Organizational Development. She is a business consultant, Life Science sales expert, Regulatory Expert for MDR & IVDR, Certified Interim Manager, and Certified Project Manager. Additionally, she is a registered mediator, a diploma life and social advisor, and a certified professional trainer.

    Her career includes scientific lab work in pediatric cancer research, being an International Technical Specialist and Trainer in diagnostics (Switzerland), a Key Account Manager in medical technology, and a lecturer at universities of applied sciences. Petra has been self-employed since 2012.

      Core Services:

      • Strategic Consulting
      • Operational Key Accounting
      • Interim Management
      • Team and Organizational Development
      • Coaching and Supervision
      • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
      • Business Mediation
      • Business Ethics

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      Agnes Kohl, MSc.pharm.

      Has over 20 years of experience in the Life Science industry, with more than 15 years in leadership positions. After studying Pharmacy and completing her pharmacist training, she gained experience in drug development (NCEs) and pharmacovigilance, as well as establishing and managing departments for global drug approval and quality management. Her expertise expanded with partial studies in law and several years leading a Business Development department, responsible for in- and out-licensing and negotiating several license agreements.

      Her establishment of a Project Management department marks her as an expert from development to marketing of pharmaceutical products, especially in rare diseases and niche areas. She is expanding her expertise to Digital Health and the development and introduction of novel products. Her extensive experience in leadership roles also makes her an expert in building and managing teams, team motivation, and cohesion.

        Core Services:

        • Development of strategic concepts in drug approval
        • Marketing strategies
        • Drug approval submissions
        • Establishment and adaptation of quality management systems
        • Preparation for audits  (GMP/GDP)
        • Identification of new products
        • Contract negotiations
        • Organizational development
        • Team building

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        Dr. Ursula Koller

        Has extensive professional experience as a GMP inspector for AGES PharmMed in Austria, an authority responsible for the control and approval of pharmaceuticals and medical devices. She conducted national inspections of API and FDF manufacturers, wholesalers, distribution companies, and control laboratories, as well as inspections in third countries in Asia, LATAM, and non-EU countries for active ingredient and finished product manufacturers.

        After studying pharmacy and completing her PHD at the University of Vienna, Ursula Koller worked in various positions in the pharmaceutical industry at global companies like GlaxoSmithKline and Sandoz. She is an EOQ Quality Auditor and Quality Systems Manager, with extensive experience in medical, quality assurance, strategic sourcing of pharmaceutical active ingredients, and supplier audits.

          Core Services:

          • Qualification of suppliers for active ingredient manufacturers and contract manufacturers
          • Qualification of Laboratories
          • Mock inspections and internal audits/self-inspections
          • Review of existing quality assurance systems with gap analysis
          • Development of quality management systems
          • Analysis of the current GMP status of the production facility
          • EU GMP upgrade for businesses
          • Support in preparation for regulatory EU GMP inspections
          • Accompanying  authority inspections
          • GMP support in due diligence projects

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          Dr. Thomas Dewald, MBA

          He is an expert in all aspects of marketing & sales and strategic management in the Life Sciences sector. His strengths are in the development of business strategies and growth initiatives for Rx, OTC, and off-patent products, both for established brands and new launches.

          After completing his medical studies and an MBA, he gained over 20 years of experience in international leadership positions as a regional manager at large multinational pharmaceutical companies. In consulting, he focuses on assisting with the introduction of new products and digital transformation, especially e-commerce and digital marketing.

          With his extensive experience, particularly in Austria and CEE, he brings significant know-how in opening new markets and growth strategies for companies. His consulting approach is individual and creative, aiming for pragmatic and efficient implementation.

            Core Services:

            • Marketing & Sales
            • Digital Transformation (E-Commerce & Digital Marketing)
            • Strategic Consulting
            • Business Development
            • Internationalization
            • CEE Region
            • Interim Management
            • Leadership

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            Christian Wieser

            Is a seasoned expert with over 30 years of experience in leadership roles in the Life Sciences industry. As a Senior Consultant, he has recently undertaken various freelance projects in market entries, interim management, and marketing consultancy for Life Science companies (Pharma, OTC, dietary supplements, and medical products).

            He has developed successful marketing strategies, including for a leading CEE online pharmacy company in Austria and an EU expansion project for biosimilars. As the Managing Director for Germany, CEE, and SEE from 2016 to 2020, he managed the launch of a leading Russian dietary supplement manufacturer in several markets. Previously, he headed the CEE expansion activities for Genericon Pharma GmbH from Bratislava between 2008 and 2015.

            His extensive experience includes leading national marketing and sales activities and making portfolio decisions as the Managing Director of Sandoz AG in Bratislava. Before this, he led the CEE & CIS region for Sandoz GmbH in Kundl, overseeing all organizations in Eastern Europe and the CIS, successfully entering numerous new markets in the region.

            Fluent in German and English, with good Slovak and Russian, Christian offers a global perspective and the ability to navigate diverse cultural and business environments.

              Core Services:

              • Development of import/export business
              • Licensing
              • Brand management
              • Market access strategies
              • Market analysis - market research
              • Online marketing
              • Designing sales organizations
              • Operational marketing

              Contact PharmaBranding & Beyond for a consultation to jointly analyze the individual challenges of your company and find solutions!

              Paul Stricker, MS

              Is a top Interim HR Specialist for the CEE & DACH region. Driven by a passion for collaborating with people to evolve and enhance HR processes and structures in international settings, he focuses mainly on the DACH and CEE regions. His client and project focus are primarily on international SMEs and rapidly growing (global) startups. Paul specializes in the professional and efficient development of digital HR structures, particularly in complex and time-sensitive situations.

              His commitment to working with people from different cultures led him to learn languages from the CEE region, including Czech, Hungarian, and Slovak, which he utilizes in his assignments. This has enabled him to build a strong network in both the CEE and DACH regions.

              His mandates/references include work with various notable companies across Germany, Austria, the Slovak Republic, the Czech Republic, and the Netherlands.


                • Agaplesion Bethanien Diakonie GmbH, Berlin,Germany
                • EnBW, Karlsruhe, Germany
                • Beyond Now, Graz, Austria
                • Mondi Group, Wien, Austria
                • TTTech Auto, Wien, Austria

                • Tricentis, Wien, Austria
                • Sartorius, Göttingen, Germany
                • Vattenfall, Hamburg, Germany
                • Kongsberg Automotive, Vráble, Slovak Republic
                • Van Oord Offshore Wind GmbH, Hamburg, Germany, Rotterdam, Netherlands
                • Berlin Hyp AG, Berlin, Germany

                • MOL Austria, Wien, Austra
                • Brantner Walter, Krems, Austria
                • Novartis, Wien, Austria for 17  CEE countries
                • UniCredit / Bank Austria, Wien, Austra, Prag, Bratislava, Slovak Republic
                • RWE, Dortmund, Germany, Prag, Czech Republic, Kosice, Slovak Republic

                Core Services:

                • Organizational Development
                • HR Outsourcing
                • Implementation of new IT solutions in HR processes
                • Performance Management
                • Employer Branding
                • Strategic Recruiting
                • Talent Management
                • Merger Integration
                • Standardization of HR Systems
                • Development of a Shared Services Center for HR

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                Dr. Wolfgang Gollneritsch, MSc.

                Is a renowned C-Level Manager in Pharma and Biotech companies, known for his strategic foresight and operational expertise across various areas such as departmental management, marketing, sales management, and project management.

                He has built a reputation for maximizing revenue and profit in product portfolios, particularly through leading national and international projects and working groups focused on developing and implementing cultural, strategic, and operational corporate objectives. His leadership is evident in developing and implementing strategic visions and objectives, leading effective and agile teams, and managing national, regional, and international interdisciplinary teams in project management and reporting.

                His ability to effectively guide decision-making processes and act as a moderator or mediator in conflicting group interests stands out. He also has experience in implementing change management and process optimization.


                  •  Daiichi Sankyo Europe GmbH
                  •  Pfizer
                  •  Kwizda Pharma
                  •  DSD Pharma
                  •  Kyowa Kirin Pharmaceutical Research
                  •  Vifor Pharma
                  • Johnson & Johnson
                  •  3M
                  •  Abbvie

                  Core Services:

                  • Strategic Business Consulting
                  • Project Management and Leadership
                  • Marketing and Sales Management
                  • Leadership and Team Development
                  • Change Management and Organizational Development
                  • Market Access and Reimbursement Strategies
                  • Medical Marketing and Product Management
                  • Training and Workshops

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                  Benoit Gredelu

                  Benoît Gredelu is a seasoned General Manager with extensive experience in the life sciences sector. His expertise spans across equipment, devices, and medicines, making him a versatile leader in the industry. Benoît is known for his strategic vision and results-oriented approach, consistently driving growth and innovation within the organizations he leads. His ability to adapt and foster a collaborative corporate culture has been instrumental in achieving significant milestones throughout his career.

                  In his recent role at AOP Orphan Pharmaceuticals France, Benoît successfully created an operating pharmaceutical company focused on rare and acute diseases. Under his leadership, the company launched several products in anaesthesia and intensive care, achieving break-even within two and a half years and a consolidated EBITDA of €0.5m. He managed the integration of the subsidiary into the Austrian AOP Orphan group, overseeing the implementation of corporate systems and procedures and the expansion into new therapeutic areas such as onco-haematology, cardio-pulmonary, and CNS.

                  Benoît's career is marked by impressive achievements, including an average annual sales growth of 14%, the establishment of PD expert centers, and the reduction of patient dropout rates by 20-30%. He has been recognized with numerous awards, such as the Euroelite Sales Award and the Market Access Award. His leadership in creating a recognized and profitable operating pharma company in a highly competitive market is a testament to his skills and dedication.

                  Benoît is also deeply committed to continuous improvement and professional development. He has customized employee training programs and developed strong relationships with medical societies and patient associations. His fluency in French and English, along with his intermediate Spanish skills, complement his professional expertise, making him a valuable asset in international settings. Beyond his professional life, Benoît has a passion for exploring different cultures, engaging in sports like cycling and diving, and enjoying gastronomy and wines.


                    •  Baxter
                    • Amomed Pharma
                    • AOP Orphan

                    Core Services:

                    • Strategic Business Consulting
                    • General Management
                    • Business Development
                    • Marketing and Sales Management
                    • Leadership and Team Development
                    • Change Management and Organizational Development
                    • Market Access and Reimbursement Strategies France
                    • Training and Workshops
                    • Interim Management

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