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From AI to Communication


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Top Insights from 2023 and What They Mean for Us

The Benefits of AI in Combination with Human Communication

2023 was a year of profound insights and developmental steps for PharmaBranding & Beyond, especially in the context of Artificial Intelligence and relationship management.

  1. A central aspect at the beginning of the year was the hype around ChatGPT and other generative AI tools in the workplace. It became clear that companies not actively engaging with AI risk falling behind in their development. A study by the IU International University shows that about 35.4% of German workers expect AI technologies to take over routine tasks in the future, highlighting the importance of adaptability and continuous learning in our fast-paced world.
  2. Another key experience was the encounter with Stefan Verra, whose insights into body language reminded us of the importance of non-verbal communication and that it should not be overinterpreted. This realization led me to appreciate the human side of business more and understand that successful communication involves much more than just words.

3. The year 2023 also taught us that building and maintaining relationships, whether in business or personal life, is key to success. It's not about perfect, innovative products or services, but how one ensures empathetic and effective communication with potential customers.

Companies like HubSpot or Clickfunnels, which integrate CRM, marketing, sales, and customer communication into one system to ensure efficient and individual customer care, show us how to build successful systems.

Looking towards 2024, we see great potential for PharmaBranding & Beyond to successfully integrate marketing and sales automation into businesses. We aim to create systems that leverage the benefits of AI while also taking into account the importance of human communication.

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